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Today I managed to scrub the bathroom, clean this room, make progress on a Franz Kafka commission I got, painted and finished my parental unit MOM’s Christmas present since I’m going up this weekend there for an early holiday thing, since everyone is away and busy on actual Christmas. I hope she likes it. I’m really happy with how it turned out, but damn I’m rusty at painting. And I managed after that to draw a pretty lady creature for a few hours.

Feels really good to get into it again, my back and hands both agree and disagree though. Sweet, sweet art pains.

Went to the doctor earlier this week, got blood taken, had another ECG done to check this ticking machine of mine out again since I’ve been having harsh heart pains and palpitations a lot and such again, very not fun. She thinks it might be a blood clot or a pulmonary embolism or something, ugh.

Hopefully it isn’t anything bad and I’ll feel better sooner than later! I have optimism! Onward to better and awesome things!

Parental Unit's present!

Parental Unit’s present!

Franz Kafka

Early sketch of my Franz Kafka commission I got. So much fun.

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