Should be able to just click that nifty little photo up there and viola! At my Etsy shop! As it says, it’s 20% off everything including custom orders, which is definitely neat and a good deal depending on what fancy thing you want.

But enough of my shameless self promotion, how are YOU fellow followers?

I now present to you, a whole bunch of photos. I apologize for any exploded computers:

Tried to put my new Halloween top hat on Osiris. …Clearly this did not yield good results.

Went for a short walk near a girl friends house awhile back. It was windy and there was still some green grass outside. Wanted that creepy house front.

This friend to be exact!

I saved a caterpillar that day!

I recently made a ton of cupcakes and cookies. While wearing a monkey hat. We ate them all within 24 hours, pretty well.

Went to Remedy for raspberry iced cider. I was the ultimate hipster and as long going tradition goes…no sexeh face to be seen here for you guys! Buaha.

There was a little, tiny bat outside our place awhile ago. He’s gone now sadly but we didn’t know why he was all alone being that teensy and way up in the rafters. I wanted to take him home but that was frowned upon.

I got a Tom Baker scarf in the mail from a very fantastic friend in California! It’s only on borrow though, so I have to be careful with it. “Would you like a jelly baby?”

…I pretend I’m a ninja with it. It devours me when I wear it, ahh.

Saw a young man at the doctors awhile back that looked like a very young John Barrowman. Creeped a photo like any internet savvy crazy lady, of course.

Got two new hula hoops, one is here. The clear one! Two polypro hoops, a LOT smaller than my big one here and so much faster. Really strange to get used to, but loving them.

Realized the back of cereal boxes are getting far more morbid.

My guns. Let me show you them. …Noodle arms!

Made a ton of beets. They were the best tasting murder.

Had to go for a long drive back to where I grew up to go for a dentist and chiropractor appointment where it wouldn’t cost $450. This is pretty well how northern Alberta looks all the time. You sexy plains, you.

Drove by my high school. Made faces and comments about when I was in school. My mom agreed with them all. I do not miss you, hallways of torment!

Organized ye olde art desk for new art-ing to be done!…Which hasn’t actually been done yet.

Shadows of dolphins keeping my moms arm company as we drove back to Edmonton after my appointments.

Won a monkey from a claw machine because I am a claw machine master. I’m going to make him a tie and he’s going to be the household work place monkey boss. …That makes more sense in my head. Shh.

It rained.

The elevators in our building are definitely haunted and crazy.

My cousin got lifted off into the astral plane by aliens in our hallway.

I got my very first guitar back from a lonely shed and it got played a bit.

Had an impromptu violin session in our room with my cousins and such the same night we moved in.

Listened to a lot of Chopin.

This makes me laugh a lot.

Been watching a LOT of Doctor Who and geeking out severely hard to the newest season!