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We went to the CCEE this year, and we very luckily got in. A few moments after we got our passes and got in, the fire marshall was shutting out people and if you left, you weren’t allowed back in. A few friends I know came down here for it, and half of them couldn’t get in, which is a bummer but I did get to see a few of them. Which is nice. I saw two very pretty Doctors, I squealed at them both and made comments about bow ties.

Caught a glimpse of James Marsters, I geeked out very hard at that. And I got to see James and Oliver Phelps, which I ALSO geeked out very hard at. Seen lots of nifty things, like daleks, the Batmobile, the Back to the Future DeLorean, nifty cosplays, got a book from Sam Logan and got him to sign it and he drew me a little picture inside andddd…more geekery. My friend Cory got me a sonic screwdriver as a belated birthday present and it’s most damned awesome. I haven’t really put it down yet. I keep twirling it and I expect the batteries to die sooner than later.