For the people who have no idea what the title means, it’s the title from a metal band that’s blacker than the blackest black times infinity.

And I just really had to put this one here too, because it goes with it. Aww, so funny. Then they race old historical cars in a brutal derby race.

Anyways, I had a most excellent spawning day. It was on the 18th, and i’m just getting to this post now. Because of reasons. I will smother you with some photos, dear reader. It was a quiet birthday, it was really nice. I got musical happiness, I have a piano keyboard now, hnnng. My fingers are slothy, learning songs is taking awhile. My memory is terrible, haha. But it’s a lot of fun and i’ve wanted a keyboard for a very long time. Ever since I had one of those…little…tiny ones you get when you’re about five years old. The one that has about 10 keys on it? Yeah. That.

The one I have, most definitely has more than 10 keys and it lights up. Sweet zombie jesus. This post is written terribly, I apologize again. I’m sick…again. So my brain function is somewhere between, “Hey lookit that shiny thing.” and “Fuck I love honey.”

Photos commence.

My lovely parental unit MOM sent me some lovely flowers.

Osiris also liked them. ...And was trying to eat the plastic.

This was my spawning day face.

I watched and sang along with this later on in the day, because The Lion King is most awesome.

THIS. This is my new baby. He however, doesn't have a name yet. Any ideas?

I added little C note markers so that I can see them better. I know that those are the C keys, but it's easier when I can see them. Haha.

Finally picked up some chalk for the teapot I put chalkboard paint on. Huge success.

It was a dreary day, it was rainy and dark outside. It's sunny today however! ...And i'm sick and being a hermit inside. Hahaha.

We had tons of sushi for my birthday supper, because I really, really wanted some. Noms. I had a cherry blossom…sake…martini…thing. And I actually drank it all, go me! This lady and her daughter were sitting next to us and it was her birthday too. Which is always neat. My parental unit is coming down on Saturday to get me a Dairy Queen ice cream cake because those are delightfully delicious.

OTHER exciting news, is that my cousin and his girlfriend had their second baby boy on the 18th too. I’m incredibly excited by this because it means that i’m not the only one born in April in the family anymore, AND he was born on the same day as me. Except, you know…23 years apart. Other April news, David Tennant has my birthday too, so I was convinced i’m a time lord. Maybe…maybe when I hit 25 I can have my very own TARDIS. Does it work like that?