I don’t have a lot to update here, but I felt like making one anyways. I’ve been simultaneously feeling good and terrible, it’s a very…annoying…mash up. I’ve been working on hooping more and I most definitely have been drawing and painting more again, (And actually enjoying the results) which is really nice. On the flip side, i’ve been having chest and abdomen pains again pretty ferociously, a bit terrifying at times. My body is out to get me, it would seem. I may need to feed it more cupcakes.

I haven’t taken a lot of photos lately, of anything. At all. On account of my feeling up and down. So here’s a few I took. I apologize for the terrible quality.

The conversations I have with my friends are very...nerdy. Speaking of, if any of you actually want to text me, send me a message or shoot me a comment. I rarely sleep and I love having all sorts of most excellent conversation. I'll send you photos of my cat, even. ...That sounded almost wrong.

I was chatting with a friend, severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings there and meanwhile, we have snow storms up here. It’s always a bit strange, weather. Especially here. We very often get all four seasons in the span of a few hours.

We were talking and for some reason, I imagined being inside someones mind. Watching from above, seeing across the terrain I need to cross. Watching lightning strikes in the inky darkness, every thought and trigger, every strike changing the landscape ever so slightly. Like a shifting mirage.

Speaking of, me and a friend are slowly working on writing a little series involving traversing peoples minds like they were, in fact, landscapes. Dreamscapes of every single thing and memory. Not just while they dream, no, some sort of…frequency they pick up on and duplicate, making it possible to be inside someones thoughts without that person ever knowing. A band of rebels try to abolish the governments rule over the world, shattering the grip they have over everyone. Once every person is of a certain age, they implant something deep within the subconscious that makes them docile and unable to remember certain events.

This all sounds much better in my head and I am atrocious at typing out detailed, complicated descriptions in the early morning/late night. Also, on the art front, I will hopefully be collaborating with an online friend on him illustrating some more of my written short stories so that we can get a little collection of them together, I just need to work on them. Lastly, I am entered into a visual art/poetry…thing. I have until August to create a visual representation from a poem I chose from a hat. The poem that I got makes me think entirely of a landscape and a person, which is going to be utterly difficult for me. But, we all get a small honorarium and a mention, and all the art and poetry will be hung up during the annual Poetry Week art walk here.

My spawning day is soon, I’m going to twenty three in exactly…4 days. I say 4 because it’s barely even the 15th yet. April 18th…I guarantee it will snow on my birthday. If not, I will be surprised. Spring here is usually winter. Haha. I hope you all are doing well, i’m going to be making a new video soon when I can. My own laptop has crashed and we can’t get it working so i’m on an old one. Which is fine, it works, but I do miss my pretty laptop working. Alright, enough of my inane rambling, I will update soon enough with some short story/actual story/art works.

Here is the illustration from my online friend that he made for me quite awhile ago, based on the short story I wrote:

Giraffes in love. Isn't life grand.