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Angry mirror photo face. Mmhmm.

This is my pouting mirror face. I ate all the chocolate. It is le sad.

My hula hoop who I have still not yet named, has gotten pretty beat up. I need to get a new hoop, a lighter and slightly smaller one.


This is the most random bunch of blog entries ever. Really. I do apologize. I will even apologize for apologizing, as is the way I usually seem to go. The Canadian in me, I think. We aren’t doing much for this weekend, my parental unit is coming down next weekend though for foodstuffs and so that I can be an awkward host because I really have no idea how to act or what to entertain people with then they are over. I just sort of…point out the cat and the laser pointer and that usually takes care of it.

How fares your weekend, fellow internet reader?