Oh, Canada. Every year it never fails to surprise me that this time of the year marks spring and thunder storms for everyone in the US that I know, and that here however, while I sip hot tea and be a cocooned monster in blankets, it is currently in the minuses and blizzarding outside. Easter and my spawning date on the 18th are usually when the snow falls.

Alberta. It has, on several occasions, been every single season in the span of a few hours. This happens quite often and I for one have a hard time believing the weather for too long when it seems like a nice day here. I’ve been playing with water colors lately and been drawing more. It’s nice. And! Working on my hooping. Which has been going…decently. My entire body hurts and I have bruises on bruises. It’s a wonderful feeling really. I’ll post a video of me looking like a penguin with bad form trying to hoop on my shoulders, I need to relax my arms and just…agh. It’s ridiculous. I know what I need to do but my arms have different agendas.

Here’s some photos for you. OH! And I dyed my hair blue. It’s the first time in many, many years that my hair has been something other than purple, black and red. It makes me feel chipper and child-like. …More so than usual, anyways. My laptop crashed after it updated and so i’m using an old one. This post is going to be a mess of things I want to show you and random things that have not ceased to make me giggle at 1am.

I apologize for the incredibly bad photo here.

I had a discussion on who would win between the Borg, Cylons and the Dalek. I'm biased and are ALL for the daleks. So, you know. EX-TER-MI-NATE.

When i'm erasing something and this happens, especially in my favorite sketch book....Rage happens.

Earlier today, taking a break from hooping.