Been awhile, comrades. I’ve been working on some artwork recently, did a few hours of hooping today. Trying to hoop on my chest/shoulders, so far it’s hard but rewarding when I finally get there. Now that i’ve done a terribly written paragraph of words…I will just leave these here. I’ll be getting back into updating, I promise. Also, if I explode your computer…I apologize for nothing.

March weather, always a pleasure. /sarcasm

A stack of orphans.

Late night conversations with myself.

Clearly, I neglect my watercolor sketchbook. It has hurt feelings.

Osiris most likely plotting the end of human existence.

A wonderful parcel from my cousin in Montreal. I was excited.

He got me artichoke tea. Which is funny because of an inside joke. Hahaha. The tea itself isn't actually bad at all.

This is one of my favorite teas ever conceived in tea bags. They're little blooming leaves.

My hair has stepped in to play the part of my face for this photo.

Rainbows and a hoop.

Reason for zero social interaction.