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Well, finally got my hula hoop in the other day. Currently i’m bruised, aching and I feel super stiff. But, i’m slowly learning! And I haven’t bashed into the t.v. yet, which is always a good thing!

All shiny, new and collapsed.

Few hours later...

Few hours later...

...And my foot.

And on an added note that no one really cares about other than me, hahaha. Let’s see if this even works reposting this here…hurr durr…ignoring everything else going on, I finally got the hoop over my head after a few hours. YAY ME!

Also, Switchblade Symphony still kicks ass. ❤


Okay, I had to make a link of it because it wouldn’t embed. And i’m too tired to figure it out. SO…hopefully that’ll let you watch it. If not, send me a message on the book of faces and we can be friends, yes?