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After waiting since the beginning of April for a birthday present sent to me by my cousin, and after a frustrating game of phone tag with Canada Post and trying to hunt down my parcel, IT ARRIVED! Huzzah! Why should you care? You shouldn’t. But if you’ve ever waited for a package to come that says it’s where it should be but isn’t…you know my excitement. Haha. Now to wait impatiently for the purple violin and pretty hula hoop i’m getting. They’re both shipped, so now…I WAIT.

The best part is all the goodies. Haha. It made me smile, and yes, almost cry. (Yes I do actually have emotions, weird eh?) The reason for that, is whenever it was our birthdays, or any holiday really, our grandma would always get us chips and chocolates and little things like that. It used to be all that I was excited for, haha. Someone could buy me a friggin’ car and i’d be more excited about getting an awesome present from my grandma. ❤ She was awesome. Seriously. She swore in my religious instruction class when I was in Grade 3 or something. I remember it well. And she used to give us money so that we could sneak into the grocery store and buy chocolate without my grandpa seeing after he said that we don’t need any junk. Buahahaha.