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Just thought that I would post a few of my favorite Etsy finds/shops that i’ve stumbled upon or have known about for awhile that I love. Wow what a terrible sentence. This (obviously) isn’t even close to the amount of random things I have in my Favorites list, but here’s a snippet. Most of which I realize are necklaces. Hah. I have a shopping problem I think. Anyways, enough of my boring rambling…Onwards!

Silver Hand Skeleton Necklace – sofiasanchezb

Industrial Bird Skull Cuff – billyblue22

Cage Opera Gloves – HMSlatex

Resident Evil T-Virus Charms – YellerCrakka

Thorn Cradle Doll Assemblage – uglyartdotnet

Chalkboard Skull – iamhome

The photos aren’t the best quality, I had to shrink them down and stick them all together so that I wouldn’t overly stretch out your screen. BUT you get the point. The Resident Evil T-Virus charms I have both of and they’re awesome. I’m wearing them right now actually, haha. Definitely a great place to get little necklaces. Also, i’m apparently too lazy to change the links to be the text so…you’ll have to make due with the clicking there. Hope you enjoyed, and go check these all out. I assure you it’s all amazingly made and done WITH LOVE. WHOO! …You wouldn’t want to upset love now would you?…WOULD you?

…I’ve been watching a LOT of Portal 2 videos so…excuse my homicidal tendencies. Like removing your face plate if you don’t go click on those links up there. *points*

There’s cake afterwards.