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Video games cause rape and are weapons of mass destruction? Obviously. I mean when i’m not out harvesting children for ADAM or killing prostitutes in a car that isn’t mine…I’m raping people because of all the violent games I play that tell me to do so subconsciously.


I think she has it all wrong anyways. It isn’t Call of Duty, Gears of War, random racing games, Bioshock, Dead Space, etc. that’s causing all the rapes and violence. There’s a VERY simple explanation and let me show it to you, it all started from this

But in all seriousness…video games have become more sexual, sure. But what hasn’t? Movies have always been there. And backtracking to video games…Duke Nukem. That is all.

I don’t see games being more sexual being a problem. If anything, I think it’s a good thing, to an extent. The parents blame the games, but in truth if the parent was smart enough to have a child that has an IQ higher than a Ritz cracker, they would know the difference between what’s a game and how to treat a real person IRL. Or at least one would hope.

Growing up, I played (and still do play) a LOT of video games. I recall playing Duke Nukem when I was young(er) and the only thing that came of it was my dad telling me that those strippers are too square and my mother parental unit asking me if I knew the difference between real life and games, I said yes. Done deal. My parental units are awesome that way.

Umm…I had something more intelligent to say here, but I lost my train of thought on the thought of getting a cute kitten someday soon here, heehee. KITTEHS.

…And on that note, there went my one and only reader.