I have some pretty weird dreams, and I unfortunately tend to forget them completely as soon as i’m awake. Today, is a bit different…sort of. I can only remember 3 parts of this dream and it’s still very weird. Or normal, depending on how you want to judge my brain case and its thoughts.

First thing I remember is being in a big hotel and in the lobby it just cuts out and there’s a huge beach with random chunks of wall and it’s apparently on a big cliff. It drops off like levels in Spyro or any other game really that has cliffs and you can fall off. Scary. I remember talking to a few friends about photos they were doing, there was a conversation about clothes and there was a big boa constrictor there, slithering around everyone.

It was random, but okay I could deal. There was this -huge- storm coming…The wind picked up, there was the darkest storm clouds i’ve ever seen, completely blotted out the sky, sun, everything. Just a vast, endless space of black, ominous cloud. It was scary to me, i’m a huge baby when it comes to thunder storms, forget super doom ones that seem real in my dreams.

So I made my way back into the hotel, went up the elevator and into a room. It was very dim, the walls were red, the floor was black carpet. I don’t know why I remember that but I do. The weirdest part was a man sitting on the couch. I asked him what he was doing there, he stood up and he had on a business suit, but he had the head of a teddy graham. You remember those yummy cookie things shaped as bears, yes? That was his head. He was talking to me and said if I needed any help I could come to his room and he gave me a cookie. I suddenly had a glass of milk and I ate it. Then I woke up questioning myself. It seems like a bad omen, what with the scary clouds and snake and all.

It just wigged me out a bit, I feel weird.