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See that link? Click it. Sign your name, give your email, and jot down your zipcode. This bill needs to be stopped. Know why? Because rape is rape.

Congress is trying to re-define what rape is, so they can save money. Yes, you read that right. To save money. If you aren’t bruised, if you aren’t bleeding, if you don’t have any broken bones, you weren’t raped. So if a “friend” you’ve known all your life takes you to bed, and you tell him to fuck off, to leave you alone, and he rapes you without leaving a physical mark, guess what, your government fucked you. That’s right.

Never mind that you’re mentally broken, never mind that you’re sobbing every night alone in the dark. Never mind that you’re afraid to be touched ever again. You can’t do ANYTHING to this douche, because the government decided that since you weren’t physically hurt it wasn’t rape.

Why are they doing this? Because they don’t want to have abortions. They want abortions to be illegal. But people cry “What about in the case of rape!” So to fight that, they decided to ask “Well, what’s rape?” And when people tell them, they can go “Nope, not anymore!” and plug their ears and line their pockets.

Stop this bill. It’s bullshit. Oh, and while you’re at it, take a look at who is in office in your state. Who is your Senator? Who is your Representative? Do you know their names? You should. You should also know how long they’ve been in office. It’s time to get these low-life incumbents who have been in office more than ten years out.