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Taking a break from attempting to paint 12 eyes on the arms of my first vict–mannequin. Yeargh, painting eyes is a nightmare. Heh, speaking of nightmare-ish HELL and my mannequin is Silent Hill themed, go figure eh? :giggle: :heart:
Anywhoooo…my roommates boy said that the more the merrier in his art show on Sept. 10th, SO that means I should more than likely be able to put some paintings up. The question is which ones and I wonder if I would be able to stick my mannequin up there somewhere. Not sure if there would be room, but it would be kind of cool to see what a LOT of people think of it in person rather than just a few that are here and with photos online. It still needs work, clearly, but i’m determined to make it awesome. :salute:

ASSUMING I fall asleep before 7am this morning, which is unlikely…I might just stay up until 8am to head to my doctors office and see if my ECG results are in, if they’re normal and if they are ask my doctor why the hell i’m getting weird ass chest pains and my heart doesn’t feel normal. LE SIGH. Ironically she wrote me a prescription for Synthroid for my hypothyroidism…meaning my thyroid is slow and isn’t producing anything. She told me it was SLEEPING. At least one of us is. The irony is that you can’t take it if you’re anemic or if you have a heart problem, which I might. Le sigh! The carousel continues.

God I wish I had Silent Hill 3. ONE DAY I WILL GET YOU BACK. Yes, yes i’m aware I can just eBay it, but I lack zee cash and I LOVE the feeling you get when you find a game you’ve been searching for in a pile of old, used games. :heart: :w00t:

Anyways…FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER as per my usual requests, i’m fun I promise. Oh man, now i’m pimping myself out. Hahaha. I’m re-applying for GodsGirls AGAIN once I dye my hair from this mop of ‘normal’ and when my face decides to stop breaking out like a 13 year old boy so I cry. :( I just want to say that I love you allll. Yes, YOU.

Insomnia is such a harsh mistress…goddamn it, now why did I have to go and forget the safeword.


…I know where you sleep.

And now that i’ve lost ALL my audience, the whole 2 of you…you NEED to check out the trailer for Sucker Punch. Serously. RIGHT NOW. I’ll wait.



Did you go? No? It’s okay, it’s okay…stop crying or I will levitate you into the street where I found you. I’ll just post it here for you.

While you’re at it, you need to see the always lovely artwork Alex Pardee did for the said movie…it doesn’t disappoint, I promise. I really do promise, not like the time I promised I WOULDN’T push you into that bus and well…I slipped. Check out everything else if you haven’t, i’m sure you know who he is by now.

No? Hell, I tried.