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My general feeling of what I watched for the Silent Hill stuff…just…disappointing. I was excited as hell but had that lingering feeling of what it would be like and my gut instinct about it was right. We’ll see what it’s like when it comes out and i’ll for sure give it a try because i’m too far into being a consumer whore to my favorite series but I just feel very…conflicted. I have a feeling this is going to either completely crash it all down or it’s going to keep spawning a new wave of Silent Hill games that are like what the new Spyro and Crash Bandicoot are like, they’re like little hell spawns of something that used to be good. Although, obviously you can’t compare those games at ALL, but you know what I mean. The good games were amazing, the new ones are terrible and they keep on making them. Keeping them in perpetual purgatory for gamers to base their thoughts off of, forgetting about the good, older versions.

Dan Licht is the new guy in charge with the music now and as much as he is amazing, the music didn’t seem to fit what I was watching at all…although granted, after having Akira, nothing will seem to fit music wise anymore. It isn’t the same and regardless of who tries to fill Akiras shoes, it will never be the same. Basically the trailer was a prisoner on a bus getting transported somewhere with a bunch of other prisoners…you know what, here, just watch it for yourself.

I for one…am critical as hell about it. Especially since Akira and Team Silent are gone. Maybe i’m just being too critical, but I can’t help myself. I held on for Shattered Memories and Homecoming because Akira was the only one left. I loved Shattered Memories and Homecoming on the other hand makes me rant and rip the heads off of children in a Berserk-like rampage while spewing fire.

We shall see what it’s like when it comes out. Then i’ll judge the hell out of it. Well, more than I am right now from a simple trailer and a few words. See you then fledglings.