Ye Olde ETSY Shop Update!


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Ye Olde ETSY Shop

Halloween Art Prints are in for all your festive needs, along with some new drawings and illustrations. Do check them out, adding more every day! A lot of them are LIMITED RUNS, so grab them while you can until the sale price ends!


Help Me Out and Spare A Vote?


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Pssst! Guys! Would you all be lovely fiends and give me a simple ‘Like’ in this thing? I’d really like to plaster my face all over other peoples pages. Because of reasons. And uh…I’ll bribe you with hugs and INTERNET LOVE.

Make with the clicky. And such. *nods*


My Art Show! Eep!


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What a clever title. I’m so witty.

Moving on from that vague atrocity, onward to some photos I snapped, unfortunately didn’t have the actual DSLR on hand with us because the cable for the battery charger has been swallowed up by this house. (It has now been recovered from the jaws of this wooden castle) So, I got a few with my phone when I had the time. It was a great night, very chill, wonderful musicians (One of them did a Bowie cover! Eee!) and it ended up drunkenly, abruptly, which was unintentional but a neat way to top off the evening. Hahaha. We stumbled up, outside and to a magical cab that drove us home. Wonderful evening.

My art is on display there all month, so that’s nifty. I need to go back and put little sticky notes under them for prices and such still, because I didn’t do that on the opening night. I realize now that I did have time, but I was tired of rushing to put it all up. Anyways, have some photos. It occurs to me that for some reason, I’m missing photos of the entire other wall. Um. Yeah.

IMG_4292 IMG_4295 IMG_4298 IMG_4300 IMG_4301 IMG_4302 IMG_4304 IMG_4305 IMG_4306 IMG_4307 IMG_4308 IMG_4309 IMG_4311 IMG_4327 IMG_4334 IMG_4339 IMG_4341 IMG_4342 IMG_4349 IMG_4352 IMG_4358 IMG_4361

2012! and All The Useless Resolutions I Made Last Year I Still Haven’t Done


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This pretty much sums up my every day, not my every year. Still completely valid.

I figured I would hop on the blog bandwagon of making one last post for 2012, especially since I haven’t been blogging much on here at all. This year has been pretty hectic, some ups, a lot of downs. As goes every year and every single last post of the year.

I’m always grateful and appreciate the friends I still have in my life even if they’re distant now, figuratively speaking. And the ones that are literally distant, that strangely have been better friends to me online than my real friends in person. Go figure, eh? Not to sound incredibly rude and like a major bitch that doesn’t appreciate anyone after I just said that, but it’s been pretty true, this last year especially.

2012 has been a pretty nifty adventure in learning a lot about myself that I didn’t realize before, at least not completely. I know a few more likes and dislikes regarding myself, in a lot of aspects which is neat and all progress is at least little steps forward, even if you feel like you’re heading backwards.

Now the obligatory spam of photos that may or may not destroy your computers!


Became a gummythulu. Commanded armies of monsters. It was neat.

Became a gummythulu. Commanded armies of monsters. It was neat.


Got really bad artists block for most of the year.


Artists block decided that he would rather just be a Doctor instead.


I showed my hula hoop who was boss. …Or the other way around.


Seriously. I still think I won.


ONE of the colours my hair was this year was BLOO.


Went to Comic Con for my birthday! Got to save Hyrule with these sexy people.


Got a very sexy piano for my birthday this year, as well.


Played A LOT of this. GLaDOS is my spirit animal.


Finally drew something that I really liked. …Sort of.


Took a lot of photos of Osiris being adorable. Because usually he just meows at me for food.


Drew more things I liked!


Actually went outside! …And took photos to post online once I was back in the safety of my hermit cave.


Art desk companions and I went to space and back several times. Learned a lot.


Made some videos! Need to make more this year, even if they’re lame updates, yes?


Got this photo of Osiris whilst Skyping with a friend and couldn’t stop laughing, and I still can’t. Best capture ever. I’m not sure what my friend was showing us, but damn.


Practice, practice, practiced.


This will still be my imminent future.


SOPA happened. Wellll…attempted. You tried.


Winter happened in ’12. It sure did.


Looked like an anime girl. Fairly often.


Got addicted to Arizona iced tea. …I really did.


Realized how much I absolutely loved hooping.


These conversations happened a lot.


There was a visitor at the kitchen window. I think he wanted a cookie.


Moved back to Edmonton this summer after living in another city for the past 3/4 years.


Osiris changed a lot over the move…


Did more hooping! Had amazing eyebrows that day.


Drew something that came from a mis-typed status update. Sold it.


Wished over the rainbow that I could have longer fingers because mine make playing some songs very hard.


Visited my parental units parents for the first time in probably 7 years. Got to see my Dads dog Chia again, she’s still the same and excellent as ever


Gave Osiris his own Thanksgiving dinner!


Made my own Thanksgiving turkey for the first time! Fred turned out verreh well!


Became #WayCooler


Had a walk in the rain and contemplated a lot with Mr. Nietzsche


Got a scarf in the mail that for a few months barely ever left my neck, from a very excellent best of my friends in California!


Went to my first show after moving back to Edmonton, got to get my photo taken with excellent, sexy people.

Sexy bands and friends!

Sexy bands and friends!



Learned the meaning of life from Silent Hill 4.


Thought about/Still debating bothering with going to university for fine arts.


Romney didn’t happen. But sleep over excellence with friends would have been very nifty.


It snowed. Hot chocolate was had inside the TARDIS.


Had a break up with a boy after nearly two years. Chopped my hair off and bleached it all


Practicing guitar again for the first time in years. Still wanting to trade it for a bass or an acoustic, but having strange emotional attachments since it was my first instrument ever given to me.


Drew some more whilst being absolutely deathly from a killer flu. Have to finish a commission that’s been slowly worked on. I don’t want to mess it up with shaky, wibbly hands, boo!


Been to the doctors a lot. Sadly not one with a cool bowtie.


Realized more this year that winter is designed to kill us.


Read an entire Jehovah’s Witness book for youth and it taught me that masturbating is wrong. Welp, I sure don’t want to be right.


Found the internet in teapot tea set form.


This was apparently a big deal. We still have them up here. A lot of them.


Had a pony party! …Yes, that is My Little Pony. No, I don’t regret anything ever.


Read a lot of philosophy, made my brain implode in on itself. Wondered why that happened and felt like I divided by zero.


Took a 6 hour bus trip up north to visit friends family. Have to go back there again and I’m not looking forward to the bus trip there and back. …I really dislike traveling when it isn’t driving with friends in a car.


Had one of the girliest drinks I have ever had. It tasted like cake, proceeded to talk like GLaDOS.


My wishlist on eBay is a strange place to be.


Went to see my family at my grandparents farm for the first time again in a few years. Felt very strange realizing that we aren’t the kids anymore and that the majority of my cousins are all having kids/have kids already. Ate way too many snacks, blamed it on the fact that I was eating for one.


The moon kept me company many sleepless nights this year, and I imagine she’ll continue to do so. We’ve had all sorts of conversations. Such a good listener.


Took a whole bunch of naked photos that are all mostly creepy and awesome.

Ate a LOT of sushi this year. This will have to continue.

Ate a LOT of sushi this year. This will have to continue.


Watched a LOT of this.

Watched a LOT of this. Waiting for the new season to continue in APRIL is going to be a long wait, augh.

This isn’t even nearly everything but my brain can’t exactly comprehend the entirety of what’s happened this year. So instead I’m going to focus on what’s ahead and try my damnedest to legitimately do it. Even though I’ve said that every year pretty well since I was 18.

So the probability is pretty low. There’s still hope. I just need to level up and stop being so damn sickly all the time. Puts quite the damper on this life thing.

What are YOUR resolutions this year, if you have any? I think I’m going to continue what I’ve been doing, which is slowly evolving, growing and trying to make myself into the person I want myself to be. Which is me, but leveled up.

Maybe a cool digivolve.

Nikki digivolve to—WERE-NIKKIUMON! Badass right? …You’re right. Not very.

When I grow up, I just want to be Marceline.

Basically just give me a war axe bass, and I'm good to go.

Basically just give me a war axe bass in 2013, and I’m good to go.


I Just Can’t Quit You.


I thought I could quit you. Get you out of my system, purge and be done with you. But you always leave that sinking feeling in my stomach that I can’t quell when I see something you’ve posted that isn’t for me.

…Come back online, Tumblr. ♥



Also, if you aren’t following me on Tumblr and want to (Why wouldn’t you?) My blog is right here! –>

Adventure Time!…In Arts.


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Today I managed to scrub the bathroom, clean this room, make progress on a Franz Kafka commission I got, painted and finished my parental unit MOM’s Christmas present since I’m going up this weekend there for an early holiday thing, since everyone is away and busy on actual Christmas. I hope she likes it. I’m really happy with how it turned out, but damn I’m rusty at painting. And I managed after that to draw a pretty lady creature for a few hours.

Feels really good to get into it again, my back and hands both agree and disagree though. Sweet, sweet art pains.

Went to the doctor earlier this week, got blood taken, had another ECG done to check this ticking machine of mine out again since I’ve been having harsh heart pains and palpitations a lot and such again, very not fun. She thinks it might be a blood clot or a pulmonary embolism or something, ugh.

Hopefully it isn’t anything bad and I’ll feel better sooner than later! I have optimism! Onward to better and awesome things!

Parental Unit's present!

Parental Unit’s present!

Franz Kafka

Early sketch of my Franz Kafka commission I got. So much fun.

IMG_2142 IMG_2146 IMG_2147